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"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1

"For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day; therefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day and made it holy." Exodus 20:11

Coming to Grips with Genesis: Biblical Authority and the Age of the Earth

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Coming to Grips with Genesis:
Biblical Authority and the Age of the Earth

Terry Mortenson, Ph.D.
Thane H. Ury, Ph.D.
Copright 2008 by Master Books
(A Division of New Leaf Publishing Group)
P.O. Box 726, Green Forest, AR 72638

Paper Back. 486 pages
ISBN 13: 978-0-89051-548-8
ISBN 10: 0-90-51-549-4

Foreword by Henry M. Morris (p. 5)
Foreword by John MacArthur (p. 9)

Contributors to the Book (p. 465). This listing includes name, highest degree, and venue (current as of the publication in 2008, 3rd printing in 2009)

William D. Barrick, Th.D. The Master's Seminary
Todd Beall, Ph.D. Capital Bible Seminary
Stephen W. Boyd, Ph.D. The Master's College
Trevor Craigen, Th.D. The Master's Seminary
Travis R. (Rick) Freeman, Ph.D. The Baptist College of Florida
David W. Hall, Ph.D. Midway Presbyterian Church, Powder Springs, Georgia.
John MacArthur, D.D. Grace Community Church, Sun Valley CA; The Master's College & Seminary
Richard Mayhue, Th.D. The Master's Seminary
Robert V. McCabe, Th.D. Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary
Ron Minton, Th.D. Missionary in Ukraine
James R. Mook, Th.D. Capital Bible Seminary
Henry Morris (1918-2006), Ph.D. Founder, The Institute for Creation Research
Terry Mortenson, Ph.D. Answers in Genesis
Paul J. Scharf, M.Div. Interim Ministries, Inc./Serving Other Servants International
James Stambaugh, Ph.D. in Progress. Institute of World Politics
Thane H. Ury, Ph.D. United Wesleyan Graduate Institute, Hong Kong, China

Coming to Grips with Genesis is an excellent book written by men with impeccable academic credentials upholding the recent creation of the earth in six literal days just as God through Moses revealed it. Young Earth Creationism is not a recent upstart view, but is the view long held by the church until the church's scholars were, beginning in the 18th century, sadly seduced by the pseudo-scientific theories of anti-biblical scientists operating under uniformitarian presuppositions which are inimical to the revealed truths of Creation in six days and a world-wide Deluge.

See below for summaries of each of the chapters.

Chapter 1: The Church Fathers on Genesis, the Flood, and the Age of the Earth. James R. Mook. (Summary completed February 5, 2023.)

Chapter 2: A Brief Overview of the Exegesis of Genesis 1-11: Luther to Lyell. David W. Hall, M. Div.; Ph. D.

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Published in Condensed Form June 4, 2011

Updated February 23, 2023