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Jerusalem will be trampled under foot by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. Luke 21:24b (NASB)

Errors about Israel
by James Borror, Guest Contributor

(Reprinted by Permission)
In March I led a group touring Israel. Many warned us that it was not safe to travel there, but we saw nothing that put us in danger. There was no sense of tension, fear, or risk. Since we have returned, I have been frequently asked about the peace process, the Israeli government and about the UN and US attitude toward Israel. Let me dispel what I think are some Errors about Israel:

ERROR #1: Israel is a Holy Nation.

It is true that Israel was God's chosen people. The nation was given many privileges. Paul mentions them in Romans 9:4 (NKJV) "...who are Israelites, to whom pertain the adoption, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, the service of God, and the promises." God, however, frequently punished Israel for her rebellion. Today, because of her rejection of the Messiah, Paul speaks of Israel as fallen. She will be saved (Romans 11:26, NKVJ), but she is now in a partial judicial "blindness" (Romans 11:7, NKVJ).

ERROR #2: Israel is Carrying Out God's Will.

Only in the ultimate sense is this true. God is God. His sovereign will shall be done. But Israel today is led by godless men. Many of them are either atheists or agnostics. They believe in the basic goodness of Man. Translated into foreign policy, it means they believe that if they treat their enemies with fairness and trust, their enemies will reciprocate. They simply cannot bring themselves to believe that their enemies are determined to destroy them.

ERROR #3: Israel Can Afford to Give Up More Land.

Most people have no idea how small Israel is. To give up more land would make her even more vulnerable to the terrorist and military attacks of her enemies. Below is a map showing the relative size of Israel and the United States. The tiny little squiggle in the center would be Israel!

ERROR #4: The Peace Process is Necessary for Justice and Peace.

History proves conclusively that appeasement always has the opposite effect - namely, it whets the appetite of the aggressor and makes him want more.

The British prime minister, Chamberlain, found that out when he tried to satisfy Hitler by trading him the Sudetenland for peace. Chamberlain turned out to be a fool.

But Israel's leaders are now making Chamberlain look good. After all, he at least was not foolish enough to trade some of the territory of Britain for peace! No, he gave away another nation's land. Israel is trading its own land, land that puts their sworn enemy in the very heart of their nation.

ERROR #5: The United States Is Backing Israel.

The Israeli leaders have been deceived by the West. The United States and its Western allies have talked the government of Israel into doing something that every Israeli leader in the past said the nation would never do, and that is to place the survival of the country in the hands of foreigners.

The Western nations keep whispering soothing assurances that they will "guarantee" the peace. But when the "peace" evaporates into all-out war, Israel will discover that the Western world will back off and leave the nation to fend for itself. The bottom line is that Israel is no Kuwait. Israel has no oil, and Israel is full of Jews which the world hates.

If the peace process is reestablished, it is going to be disastrous to Israel, and may well set up the positioning of nations for the final events of the end times.

The suspended "peace" process is a prescription for war, and it could be the bloodiest war in the history of the Middle East.

It will be a war that may well lead up to the climax of the current age, issuing in the Great Tribulation. Israel has no hope of peace without the Second Coming of her Messiah, the Lord, Jesus Christ.

This article appeared originally in the April 2011 monthly Newsletter of Golden Minute Ministries, founded by Dr. James Borror. Jim is a conference and missionary speaker. He specializes in offering his speaking services to smaller churches who could not otherwise afford a "big name" speaker.  Borror operates his own website, Bible Coach Online. Jim Borror has kindly granted WordExplain permission to reprint his article online.

(Scripture quotations in this guest article taken from the NKJV.)

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Published May 15, 2011

Updated March 16, 2014

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