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"But beyond this, my son, be warned: the writing of many books is endless, and excessive devotion to books is wearying to the body." Ecclesiastes 12:12

A Review of

Breaking History:

A White House Memoir

by Jared Kushner

Copyright 1922 by Jared Kushner

Broadside Books - A trademark of HarperCollins Publishers. 493 pages

Early on in the narrative, Kushner gives us his observation of "The Three Rules of Trump" (p. 23):

    (1) Controversy elevates message.
    (2) When you're right, you fight.
    (3) Never apologize.

It is not difficult to detect that Jared Kushner, before he joined the Trump administration, was affiliated with the Democratic Party. A couple of times in the book, Kushner quotes Donald Trump as calling him "my liberal." Moreover, Kushner does not conceal his Jewish origins. Several times he recalls a particular Shabbat that stands out in his recollection for his Memoir. The fact that he is Jewish makes this narrative all the more compelling. He was able, on the one hand, to convince the Israelis of his good intentions, yet remarkably, was able also to negotiate in good faith with Arab leaders.

I admire Kushner's ability to negotiate with, and bring together for a common cause, people on both sides of an issue. For example, his negotiating style revealed itself in his ability to work together with a (formerly) professed communist, Van Jones, along with other people, to achieve meaningful prison reform, particularly in the area of sentencing.

His negotiating style gave him the ability, or perhaps courage, to bypass stifling bureaucratic protocol to help the US negotiate treaties between Israel and Arab nations. He was the chief architect of the Abraham Accords between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan, and Kosovo. He also had a significant role in achieving reconciliation between Qatar and Saudi Arabia (p. 450).

I was amazed at the amount of petty, narcissistic infighting between people supposedly on the same team as President Donald Trump. The infighting portrayed was not only amazing, but disheartening. And that does not even take into account the unfair opposition and mischaracterization by the media and the opposing political party.

Left unanswered, in my mind, was any explanation of the charges of fraudulence in the 2020 election, and how it was all handled by the White House and the courts.

I personally [JTB] am a devout Christian and, as well, a strong supporter of the nation of Israel. Many Old Testament prophets picture a time in the future when Israel will be following God fully. Certain New Testament prophets reveal that, at some point, Israel will place her trust in and allegiance to Jesus as the promised Messiah of Israel and of the world. That future will unveil a global harmony with piece among nations and the whole world prospering because Israel is rightly related to her God through Jesus. Personally, I found the peace overtures between Israel and Arab states, negotiated by Jared Kushner, to be meaningful to the point of tears. However imperfect these alliances are in the present, to me they are harbingers of a future world of peace between all nations  – a peace characterized by justice and righteousness, administered by King Jesus from  His throne in Jerusalem (Isa. 2:1-4; 9:6-7; 11:1-10; Zech. 14:8-9; Matt. 19:27-30; 25:31-33; Rev. 20:1-6).

(Scripture quotation taken from the NASB 1995)

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Published in its entirety November 19, 2022
Updated January 26, 2024