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"God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good."  Genesis 1:31a


The Study of Sin

by WordExplain

Expulsion from Eden

    What Would it Have Been Like if No One Had Sinned?

        There would be no weather forecasters, snowstorms, skiing, raincoats, umbrellas, sunglasses or sunscreen.  There would be no overcoats, overshoes, no need for cotton dockers, Wrangler jeans or Botany 500 suits.  There would be no tidal waves, Richter scales, hurricane warnings or tornado watches.

        There would be no policemen, judges, juries, lawyers, prisons, parole boards and parole officers.

        There would be no Environmental Protection Agency, no Occupational Safety and Health Administration, no Federal Bureau of Investigation, because no one would want to take advantage of others or damage the environment--they would all want to look out for others voluntarily.

        There would be no need for the Army, the Navy, the Air Force or the Marines.  No Military Reserve units or National Guard would ever need to be mobilized, so there would be no need to maintain them.  No Stealth Bombers or F15 Tomcats or Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles would ever be needed.  No attack submarines or aircraft carriers or smart bombs.  No North Atlantic Treaty Organization would be necessary nor any "Star Wars" stratospheric missile-defense system.

        There would be no sin, and therefore no consequences of sin--no viruses, fevers, cancer, pneumonia.  No AIDS, no general practitioners or specialists.  No clinics or hospitals or ambulances or emergency rooms or EKG's.  No lab technicians, X-rays or MRI's or Cat-Scans.  No life or health insurance policies would be written; there would be no insurance salesmen nor any actuarial tables.  There would be no liability insurance nor any protection needed against fire, wind, hail or theft.

        There would be harmony and peace within the animal world, and between man and animals, there would be growing harmony and cooperation.  There would be no rifles, shotguns or handguns or traps or bow and arrow.  There would be no hamburger, nor fish filets or turkey breasts.  No leather belts or purses, or deer racks mounted over non-existent fire places.  There would be no traps, no need for zoos nor for a humane society, nor veterinarians, nor packing plants nor taxidermists.

        Because aging is the slow process of cells dying, there would be no aging.  There would be no blemishes or disfigurations.  There would be no face-lifts or liposuction.  No Mary Kay or Revlon or Right Guard or Crest or cavities or bridges or braces or tints or toupees.

        There would be no death.  No mortuaries, funeral homes or cemeteries.  No tombstones or coffins or funerals or obituaries, no sorrow, no pain, no tears, and no final goodbyes.

        If Adam had not sinned (Romans 5:12), would you have?

WordExplain by James T. Bartsch

(Scripture quotations taken from the NASB 1995.  Used by Permission.)

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First published November 9, 2010

Updated February 19, 2022