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Zion. The fortified city within Jerusalem containing the residence of the king and the Mount on which it was situated; also known as the City of David and even the City of God. King David and his men captured the fortified city of Zion, the city of the Jebusites. Once he had conquered it, he called it the City of David, and made it his official residence (2 Sam. 5:6-9; 1 Chron. 11:4-9). The name Zion means “fortification.” The Old Testament refers to Zion on several levels: 1) It refers to a mountain, Mount Zion, 2537 feet in elevation (Dictionary of the Bible by William Smith, Horatio Balch Hackett, Ezra Abbot, pp. 1276-1277) (Psalm 2:6; 48:1-2, 11; 74:2; 78:68; 87:1-2; 125:1). 2) It refers to a city, Jerusalem (Psalm 48:2, 12-13; 51:18; 69:35; 87:2-3, 5; 102:21; 128:5; 135:21; 147:12). 3) It refers to the dwelling place of God. Though the Temple Mount is actually on Mount Moriah, to the east and lower than Mount Zion, the general area and Jerusalem are said to be the city of God and His dwelling place (Psalm 9:11; 20:2-3; 74:2-3; 76:2; 78:68-69; 84:7; 87:2-3; 132:13-14; 134:1-3; 135:21). 4) In an even broader sense, Zion refers to the tribe of Judah (Psalm 48:11; 69:35; 78:68) and even the nation of Israel as a whole (Isa. 60:14; Zech. 9:13). 5) In its ultimate sense, according to the New Testament, Zion refers to the city of New Jerusalem, presently located in heaven (Heb. 12:22-23; Rev. 14:1), but in eternity, the capital city which comes down out of heaven to New Earth (Rev. 3:12; 21:2, 10). It is my belief that New Jerusalem is so high (Rev. 21:16) because it contains heavenly Mount Zion. For a further discussion of Zion, see the article, Is God a Zionist?  (See the Glossary entry Zionism, Zionist.)


Zionism, Zionist. Zionism is the belief in the right of and perhaps even duty of Jewish people to return to the land of Israel, and the right of Israel to control its own destiny in its own land without interference from so-called "Palestinians" or the United Nations or any assortment of its mortal enemies, Arab and otherwise. A Zionist is one who adheres to Zionism. In all candor, Zionists can be divided into at least three camps. (1) Secular Jews who see no religious overtones in the nation of Israel. (2) Religious, but non-Christian Jews who believe Israel exists at the behest of Almighty God, and long to re-establish an Israeli Temple on the Temple Mount. These Jews, through religious, repudiate Jesus as the Jewish Messiah. (3) Christians who interpret the OT Scriptures literally enough to believe that God made irreversible promises to and covenants with Israel that guarantee Israeli sovereignty in the land God bequeathed eternally to Abraham and his descendants through Abraham's son Isaac and his grandson, Jacob and his twelve sons, the Sons of Israel. Most of this third group are Christians from among the nations of the world (also known as "Gentiles"), while a very small but growing number are Messianic Jews. I, the author of WordExplain firmly place myself in this third camp. I believe Israeli sovereignty in the land was renewed by God Himself with the assistance of the United Nations on May 14, 1948. But God does not need the United Nations to legitimize His people in their land. Though many trials and persecutions await Israeli people, one day they will tearfully acknowledge that Jesus of Nazareth is their King when He returns to this earth (Zech. 12:10-13:1). He will set up His Kingdom in Jerusalem, Israel, and will rule over the entire land God has allocated to Israel. Muslim mosques and shrines will be obliterated, and Jesus will authorize the design and construction of a New Temple as described in Ezekiel 40:1-48:35. Jesus will reign as King over Israel and King over the entire globe (Zech. 14:9). Universal peace will ensue (Isa. 2:1-4), and Israel will enter its Golden Age of Glory as described, for example, in Isaiah 60:1-22. (See the Glossary entry, Zion.)


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